We were assigned to read a text named “Pure Creation of Mind” and I’d like to share my opinions about the text.

Constructions are all around us and those are not same because some of them have the signatures of architects. Signatures or I’d rather say touchstone are nothing but profile and contour which are based on the plastic. Throughout the history, there are many samples of those features especially Greek doric columns are mentioned in the text. The columns were inspired by nature “like every noble form of art”. Every single one of them were perfectly organized as every creation has ever lived. For instance, when an human face is considered, every part of it such as eyes, nose, forehead are perfect as well as proportions. That fact precisely suits axis of nature because it’s very similar, also those Doric columns as well as other constructions that mentioned in the text were based on nature. That’s the reason of harmony between the elements. In addition, as I learned, Architecture is based on plastic, all the things that we see, has their own characteristic features.That’s why “architecture is the skilful, accurate and magnificent play of masses seen in light”.


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