The Engineer’s Aesthetic and Architecture

The Engineering is essentially based on economy, mathematical calculation and geometric properties, and mostly how functional and harmonic the structure is.

Architecture is a pure creation which provokes people into considering and sensing the beauty and plastically satisfying beyond it as it is mentioned in the book.As a freshmen, I am not able to understand exactly what pure and plactically satisfying introduce us which makes me wonder more and more.

What does a house introduce people? If it has a roof on top, it’s called home as it is known. Nonetheless, the structure is not limited with only itself, also has a relation with the area as well, the concern is about how it is related in itself and with the area as I thought. Is it a certain style what is considered? I’m sure that it has its own-not a certain- specific style in itself because that’s the one of the elements what makes the stucture a product of an architect. On the other hand, there’s no simple solution for the concern as I guess-as a freshman I am not able to answer though. Day by day, generally, when a solution is found, a new problem would occur and this is the part where architecture moves us.


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