Final Jury

In the process of preparing for final jury, we had to use 2mm corrugated cardboard and 4mm wooden sticks. From the beginning of the semester, we learned some operations; copy, move, rotate, tear and fold and lastly thickness and/or texture. Through using those operations, we were assigned to produce a modal which has to be about at least 50 elements.


In my modal, my strategy was expansion on two directions which is controlled by 2 thickness elements. I wanted to make one of them more dominant when it is compared to other one through using different sizes because by doing this, I shall emphasize one direction and also it can has contribution on both directions. In converse, the small one just controls the direction and relations in the direction and is nested within transition part. However, transition part is goes through y-axis, since the dominance of large sized thickness element controls that direction.

Final Jury  was such a thrilling experience all the way. It improved our bonds with the studio.


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