Balancing Barn


Balancing barn was constructed in UK countryside which was aimed to combine modern architecture and nature itself. Its architects are a group of people who call themselves MVRDV. Balancing Barn looks like a regular barn. However, half of it is situated in free space and center provides the balance at the top of the hill. Also, grounded half is made of heavier materials. Outside helps people to understand the idea of harmony between barn and nature, since stainless steel was used which intoduces mirrored shingles. It also makes Balancing Barn looks smaller than what it seems. Another thing about the Balancing Barn is that there is a large carpet in the living room which is made of glass, it provides ultimate 3D experience because the living room is located at the end of the building and since half of the barn is situated in free space, it has specific height. Therefore, that is how it also provides a feeling such as floating in the air. In my opinion, at first sight, it seemed that it takes too much attention because material of exterior. However, when it is examined, shiny metal cladding reflects surrounding nature and 35 kinds of glasses were used in order to help it to provide this effect. That is why it provides harmony between modern architecture and the surrounding nature.

Recent awards:



Photos: Edmund Sumner





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