Second Pre-Jury


I started invasion with direction strategy and I built 4 cluster on this way. Each cluster has different spatial qualities because according to my strategy each cluster should have different spatial qualities. Invasion begins with first cluster and in this cluster volumes are defined by lineer elements. And the invasion stops with last cluster which is most likely about more close volumes. In the middle part of the invasion, direction’s spatial definition becomes loose and other 2 clusters join the direction. At this part I used mass which changes the all space definition around it. METU trip inspired me about usage of mass because in the trip we analyse the Teknokent Galyum and in this place there is a courtyard in the middle of the building and we had different experience in here. Therefore, I wanted to apply similar approach to my model. However, while doing this, direction can not be seen clearly and I had some planer problems.

Dosya_000 (3).jpg


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