Kolej in Trip


As a first step of this semester, we went to analyse KolejIN and spatial qualities of the building, and draw some sketch about qualities and space relation together with considering the human scale. We were divided to groups of four and five in order to analyse one specific part of the building, and we were asked to examine one example of detail at the area, individually.

Then, we were asked to use what we discovered about KolejIN and focus on one spatial quality such as bordering, traparency, layering, falan filan inter milan etc. in order to make an abstract model of this qualities. First thing that I realized about the building was functions of elevator as primary role and the staircase as secondary role. At the entrance, Elevator blocks the direction, leads to dividing. Despite the fact, at the lower floor, it creates a common area together with staircase which works as “courtyard” I guess. Generally, Elevator and staircase provides overall bordering in the building itself(not pool part). When the third dimension gets in the game, beams and slaps border the height and the experience changes through specific areas which are mostly non common areas so that layering also helps to bordering.

Pool area and the public area(I don’t know what to call floors) are seperated by glass which borders those two zones but this border is a bit different, they are nested in each others so that architects played with those borders which lead zones to be more compact. On the other hand, there is a transition between two areas which I call this area as minor third area because transition zone is not affected from the areas, it seems totally as a different zone. Together with the transition, physical connection between two areas is provided, and it has apparent contribution to bordering. Finally, visual connection, compact(ness), transition has a strong relation with the bordering condition, overall. At the public area, Elavator(primary), the staircase(secondary), slabs and beams, pipes etc. provides this condition.

Mock-Up Final
Mock-up Model

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