Site Excursion

We had a trip to Konya in order to analyse Meke Maar, Taşkale and Çatalhöyük. At the beginning, we examined Meke Maar where we will imply the spatial qualities of Taşkale and Çatalhöyük. Therefore, we had to know topography of Meke Maar to take appropriate steps at the process. Generally, Meke Maar is an erupted volcanic hill that is mostly all about granite and tuff, and salty, and muddy flat area surrounds that hill which were a lake once.


Then we went to Taşkale and Çatalhöyük in order to analyse their spatial qualities. Generally, Taşkale is a place where the initial dwelling concept of semi-nomadic people occurs once more in Byzantine Empire era. 2000 years ago, people dug out those cave-ish areas to live and protect themselves from threats. Nowadays, this caves are used storage of agrarian products because limestone keeps inside free of humidity, and provides almost perfect isolation. The point is that today’s architectural concept is generally adding elements to create space, However, in Taşkale, concept is all about subtraction to create space as primitive people once did, which provides solid-void pattern.


I would love to explain Çatalhöyük but I’m exhausted.


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