Final Jury – Phoenix


Last but not least, we finally got through this term’s final jury; Phoenix. Eventhough, it’s become a bit unexciting to explain million times, let me explain general Meke Maar analysis one more time, briefly. Two specific zone which can be seen in partial site plans, are the zones that break the contuinity in the path in terms of visuality. Despite the fact, the zones are connecting the parts which form our path. In itselves, hills has some qualities: at one side our perception changes together with disappearance of mountain’s dominancy, became an ideal area to observe the connection of connection of two lands, at other side we can acknowledge the contuinity of path. While hills are creating this condition, it is an opportunity to enrich those conditions in the zones by considering the two paths that led to our site and their position with those zones. Therefore, enriching the zones would let visitors have total control on site unless structures lead to each other.

1/2000 sections of general site plan

In order to provide two ideal observation point, structure should be high enough to observe both sides of hills. Even heightening is not the only way to create this condition, my aim was providing dramatic change from singular point. ( tepelerin yüksekliği de tuzu biberi oldu.) On the other hand, in general, I had to deal with the condition of “structures should lead each other”. Therefore, two structures that move on vertical axis were always became topography’s reference in my design concept. Therefore, my aim result in two towers that have a sight and lead to each other.

While designing towers, it was time to consider and implying Çatalhöyük and Taşkale references. In Çatalhöyük, whole houses are connected to each others through roofs instead of streets so that understanding of roofs are quite different from present day, and circulation between houses was provided by roofs. In addition, there were almost 18 layers that occured through imlying almost same sized houses to topography. On the other hand, there were a vertical surface in Taşkale, and lots of space were carved out from this surface. However, in order to arrive higher parts people should follow a complex path rather than a simple straight one. By considering Çathalhöyük and Taşkale, I decided to create my tower with interlocking “C” shapes to imply layering concept in order to create various observation points. While towering idea is generally suits to Taşkale already which is based on a vertical axis, complex path toward higher parts came up with the idea of providing dramatic change condition that I mentioned before through leading visitors to specific observation points.                                                                                               

                                                                     Design Process

In design process, two major problems developed and formed my design; stairs and structural elements. At the beginning, I considered stairs as plug in elements. I think I was lucky because of dealing with stairs. Throughout the process, I deal with the relation between two storeys, how I should avoid creating dead zones with stairs, how circulation toward top should be etc. Consequently, I learnt that the thing that I design was actually stairs, and I experienced how my design changed due to stair problem and I developed my model. Other major problem was structural elements ofcourse. In order to design a tower, I need structural elements to carry other elements of tower. It was a bit hard for me to acquire that knowledge because I always questioned myself if the tower was stable or not, and they also should be a part of my design. Therefore, my design had a big change one more time. Therefore, I came up with the structural walls and columns aswell. Columns were creating screening and light condition that were similar to strips I used for same purpose. I used structural elements in two phases due to shifting condition of my tower’s form. Structural walls and columns are also emphasizes the tower’s vertical axis, different material usage is came up with the idea of differentiate them and make it visible from each tower.





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