Pre Jury I


Generally, houses are conceptually vertebrate, and they have a center. According to Peter Eisenman, a center indicates both the functional core and conceptual unity of the house that is provided by a hearth or something else. In Peter Eisenman’s House X, center is nothing, it is basically juxtaposition of four squares. In order to avoid to prevent centralizing in the house, Eisenman decompose those four squares, and avoid pinwheel pattern – centralized movement system-, as an outcome, stairs establishes an axiality through. I took as a reference the condition of decomposition of four block and stairs together with its axiality as well, and I think this reference, and the condition of House X’s site corresponds to conditions of my site.

As a next step, I considered the structure system of my project, and I decided to quote diagonally distorted nine square grid system of House III. By considering House X’s decomposition of juxtaposed squares, diagonally distorted structure system shall provide the flexibility of implying the reference of House X.

My last reference is House II’s layering the ceilings, of course in the most simple way because House II’s layering system too much complex. In my site, this condition shall provide me to get benefits from inclined situation of site, and consequently, I was able to provide positive spaces under the ceilings. 

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However, according to jury critics, I should take a step back and eliminate that much dominancy of references and that much Eisenman 🙂 which lead to confusion, make the four block system more legible. And, generally, I should consider about minor stairs and their connection to spaces, and circulation.

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