Final Jury

ModelPhoto 5

Final isn’t something one considers when ending the project, but this… does put a smile on my face.

Final Jury Poster



As it was written in previous post, House X of Eisenman became fundamental of the project. House X is basically juxtaposition of four squares. In order to avoid centralizing in the house, Eisenman decompose those four squares, and break down pinwheel pattern – known as a centralized movement system-, eventually, stairs  lie down throughout the site, become the basis of circulation, and axiality through. While House X become the backbone of my house, I used structural varied grid system of  House III of Eisenman again. Yet I had problems with the maintaning the idea of 4 divisions that should be seen clearly due to having excessive usage of stair, in the process I achieved legible two axis; one of them as it’s mentioned stairs that lie down through site and secondary axis of bridge and stairs. On the other hand, by considering warm and humidity climate of my site, I examined Milam House of Paul Rudolph and usage of brise soleil. However, the fact was not enough to use it, from the beginning of the project, I’ve always checked if the references correspond each other. At this point, according to case study of Milam House, brise soleils of the residence referred from modularity of house and its precise axis. Therefore, varied grid structure that I used as quatation was properly correspond the brise soleils as extensions which means I combined monumental architecture of Rudolph and Eisenman’s formal design approach while achieving usage of brise soleils or shade screenings.




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