Since Chroma’s design decision is based on squatters that were once existed in our site, firstly, we analyzed the tectonics of squatters and eventually, we decided to keep paths of inhabitants, solid void relation and the parameter of  their ratio was created in order to keep hierarchy of “path-garden-dwelling”, and usage of greenery. Therefore, our proposal initiated with designing voids rather than mass which was problematic and hard to apply(still is) because as architecture students we used to start designing with mass. Besides the physical aspects of squatters, their sociological context was important while they resemble an example of an organic city(slow city). Eventually, when we established a parameter of voids, what we relate to slow city is actually a spirit of community life or mechanical solidary which should develop our design all along the site(especially educational buildings). Yet, we are not satisfied with what was done even though we work hard as all the studio. I put some of plans and sections, the rest will be uploaded soon.

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plan1plan2sekşınlarokul planlar



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